Red Cross Road

With the unemployment rate in Nepal at 40%, many of its citizens are forced by necessity to seek work overseas as a means of attaining a better quality of life. Hundreds of thousands of people, predominantly men, consider labour migration to be the best way to do this despite the threat of abuse, exploitation and human-trafficking.

Our collaboration started by exploring the hospitality and insurance micro-economies that exist around Red Cross Road, where the Department of Foreign Employment is situated. The department is a key site and mandatory step for the 1500 people who pass through here every day to have their work permits validated, on their way to uncertain conditions in places like Lebanon, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Qatar. Throughout the project we interacted with these people seeking work in different forms, and participated in an exchange of waiting, serving tea and playing music.

Red Cross Road was produced during the 2nd Nonfiction (Visual) Storytelling Symposium+Workshop+Festival: Doing Visual Politics which took place in Kathmandu between 10 - 29 December 2018.

In collaboration with Christine McFetridge, Imogene Hage Nebyl and Jack Cannon. Selection of photographs by Jake Nemirovsky.

The artists would like to acknowledge the Nepali people who welcomed us so warmly in Kathmandu.

Special thanks to: Sagar Chhetri, Alan Hill and Nuraini Juliastuti.
All images Copyright © 2017 — 2020, Jake Nemirovsky. All rights reserved.