The Bendigo Hotel
The Bendigo Hotel is steeped in history and like any good century-old pub it is shrouded in myth. In representing this iconic space we aim to reflect the Hotel’s contemporary existence by combining images of its thriving music and drinking scene with historic images and folklore stories. The project aims to weave together a narrative transcending the strict boundaries of fact and fiction to reflect the pub’s complex environment. In doing this we will be utilising a combination of styles including documentary, abstracted portraiture and incidental still life alongside archival materials. By regularly attending and being welcomed into this space, it has ultimately shaped the way this project has been approached. It is important to recognise the rich history of this venue to acknowledge the past and present, and serve as a document for the future.

In collaboration with Cara Rixon, Jack Cannon and Mike Read. Selection of photographs by Jake Nemirovsky.

Special thanks to: Dr. Kelly Hussey Smith & Guy Palermo
All images Copyright © 2017 — 2020, Jake Nemirovsky. All rights reserved.